Sediment Logs
Erosion Control Logs/Wattles

We carry various types and sizes of Sediment Logs to fit your needs. Sediment logs are becoming more and more the norm for sediment barriers instead of using silt fences. They last a long time and they don't get damaged by the wind like silt fences do. Sediment logs can be used on slopes to slow down the velocity of the water thus helping to prevent sheet erosion. They can be used around storm drains to filter the sediment from entering the storm system. The sediment log will biodegrade (environment friendly) but can last years which helps lower your maintenance costs.

TypeDiameter (inches)Length (feet)
Straw Log9 inches25 feet
Straw Log12 inches10 feet
Straw Log20 inches10 feet
Shredded Aspen Log9 inches25 feet
Shredded Aspen Log12 inches10 feet
Shredded Aspen Log25 inches10 feet