Cenchrus ciliaris and/or Pennisetum ciliare (L.)

Buffel Pecos® Brand Grass

Warm Season
Buffel Pecos® Brand grass is a warm season bunch grass that was developed and selected for increased cold tolerance with the added advantage of blight tolerance and improved forage production. it is also known as PS-711.
It is primarily used for cattle (and other livestock) grazing and hay production.
Adaptation and Maintenance: Buffel Pecos® Brand grass can tolerate droughts, heavy grazing and is a high seed producer allowing it to propagate easily. It response very good to fertilizer. Buffel Pecos® Brand has been tested and shown to be more cold tolerant than Buffel T-4464 and Buffel Laredo® Brand. However, Buffel Grass Seed Company, Inc. does not make any warranty as to Buffel Pecos® Brand cold tolerance.

Plant Variety Protected & sold as certified seed only.

Growth Rate: 4 ft
Drought Tolerance: High
Cold Tolerance: Fair to Low
Minimum Rainfall: 12 inches
Seeding Rate : 3-5 Lbs/Acre
(It is important to consider the Pure Live Seed % of the seed and planting efficiency to determine rate)
Planting Time: March 1st - Mid December
(planting time window depends on the region that you are located and rain considerations)
When soil temperature is 65F or higher
Planting Depth: 1/4 inches
Soil Adaptation: Both Sandy or Clay Soils
Starter Fertilizer (15-15-15)
at a rate of 200 Lbs/acre is a catch all rule of thumb; however, if you have a fresh root plow on virgin brush, you may not need to fertilize. Soil samples can be taken and analyzed for N-P-K requirements.
Maintenance Fertilizer: (30-10-0)
is a typical fertilizer used to restore the nitrogen depletion during the grazing or baling process. Again, soil sample analysis can tell you more accurately what type on how much fertilizer you need.