Erosion Control Services

Buffel Grass Seed Company, Inc. Erosion Control Division provides a full service of erosion control contract services. We specialize on installations of your Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan (SWPP) Best Management Practices (BMPs) needs. Below are just some of the many erosion control services that we provide:

Hydro-Seeding / Hydro-Mulching Services

Outfall Ditches for Subdivisions
Los Vientos Ditch with mulch 6Los Vientos Ditch Initial grass 4
Los Vientos Ditch with mulch 1Los Vientos Ditch Initial grass 6

Most cities are enforcing vegetation establishment before an outfall ditch is turned over to the city. This minimizes the city's expenses maintaining the ditch after the developer has turned it over to the city. The above photos show before and after shots of the same ditches.

Silt Fence Installation


Roadside Ditches

Initial grass growth 1.5 weeks 15

Initial grass growth 1.5 weeks.


Turf Re-enforced Mat (TRM) for a channel


Above is an example where we turned an eye soar outfall ditch and made it part of a park thus adding functional value while beautifying the project.


You probably can't see the ditch to the left of this hike and bike project. Again, we combined a much needed outfall ditch for a subdivision and created a 1,200 feet long hike and bike area. The grass was established through hydro-seeding/hydro-mulching and some trees, playgrounds, benches and lights were installed thus maximizing the value of the subdivision and not wasting valuable real estate.


This man made lake needed vegetation to prevent erosion of the banks. We hydro-mulched this lake and a few weeks later...